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  We are a welcoming, social, community, where all are welcome, loved, & wanted!

Events, Gatherings, Classes, Workshops, Etc

  Please note due to space, all gatherings are at Shiva Yoga, 21915 Marine View Dr S, Des Moines, WA 98198, unless otherwise noted.

Spirit Circle - 1st Sunday of Every Month - 7 - 8:00 PM Pacific

Increase intuition, develop psychic senses, connect with Spirit, & other Realms in this friendly, participatory event. We always begin with a grounding and protection then warm up with exercises to open 3rd eye. We spend the 1.5 hour class using our intuition process vs. mental process. Non- judgement of Self & Others &  even taking one step more to Support Self & Others are the only rules to this fun, engaging development class. We meet monthly - 1st Sunday. Come join us to open up to the very unique Psychic senses that are individual to you. When we develop & enhance our intuition, our life moves in leaps and bounds in directions we choose