Classes & Events


All classes hosted by ZOOM meeting ID 499 210 3255

$20 per class unless otherwise stated, all payments paid directly to Meeting Host.

Moon Rituals:

Monday Aug 3 Time: TBD, Full Moon In LEO LIVESTREAM Ritual followed by Sound Bath


Summer Love, owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks and Harmony Ayurveda & Reiki Resonance Sound Healing, hosts a banishing Ritual in alignment with the Full Moon energy in LEO, an energetic, active sign, allows us to release more. A time to actively let go & release. Followed by a healing meditative Sound Bath.

Tuesday Aug 18, 7 -8 pm: New Moon in Pisces August 18th,  Ritual & Meditation

Liz Woltz, owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks, hosts a New Moon Ritual, using the energy of New Moon in Pisces, a time of new beginnings or to change direction using our intuition, our inner clarity. A time for a more enlightened view or even a Spiritual awakening. 

Friday Metaphysical Meet Ups - always on Fridays, always from 6:30- 7:30 (unless otherwise stated):

Aug 7th, HooDoo Alter Kit honoring and invoking Loa to deepen our Magickal powers, deepen our connection to our Guides and other Guides, meeting Host Liz Woltz, owner of 3SB.  I have worked with & practiced with Hoo Doo along with other Native to the Americas religions/ Spirituality rituals and philosophies. I do not prescribe to any one religion and I am most drawn to all the Native to Americas Spirituality beliefs. I truly believe the land greatly enhances our Spirituality. Hoo Doo Priestess Shelley S has hand made especially for the 3 Silver Broomsticks community a HooDoo alter kit to increase Magickal powers, increase communication/ connection with Guides, and to heal Spiritual trauma.

Aug 14th, Tarot with Joy, Light Decks for Heavy Times, meeting host, Joy Vernon, Tarot Expert, learn new spreads, explore how lighthearted Tarot decks bring in new light! Joy Vernon is an experienced Tarot reader, Tarot teacher, and Tarot community leader. Deepen your knowledge of Tarot, meet Tarot enthusiasts, see new decks and new Tarot spreads!

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