A Quick New Year Ritual

A glass of purest water available, hold water & stare at water. Alot of energy is focused through our eyes & we are sending energy into the water. Ask that the water be blessed & infused with all that you need for 2022. Focus, concentrate, breathe. Hold for 1-2 minutes. This is the 2022 New Year Chalice Spell, know that as you drink in the water & all that is needed for 2022, the Blessed water travels your body, it removes all from 2021 that is no longer needed or helpful to your body, mind, & Spirit & filtered thru kidneys & released from body, mind, & Spirit . The body is a Magickal instrument.

The New Year signifies a time of infinite possibilities! This is the time right before the seedling starts, the ground zero before beginning, the time for infinite possibilities. A time to ground, honor, stay humble, stay healthy.

Full Moon Jan 16, 17 2022 - a powerful time to release everything from 2021 that no longer is needed or helpful

Register for ritual thru this web site or event brite


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