Sun, May 16 | ZOOM Meeting ID: 83458831136

Spiritual Protection - Guided Activation Meditation

Spiritual Protection - techniques to protect from all Spiritual attacks, including anxiety, panic attacks, bad luck, curses, & more
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Spiritual Protection - Guided Activation Meditation

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May 16, 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
ZOOM Meeting ID: 83458831136

About the Event

Guided Meditation Activations - a series of guided relaxation techniques and exercises, including breathing exercises, grounding exercise,  to relax the body, relax the brain to connect body/mind/ Spirit in a relaxed state - allowing maximum receptivity  for energetic shifts.  Meditation  increases the  brain's Theta  & Beta waves  - higher frequency than our normal Alpha  brain waves. Eventually with regular Meditation practice, the Theta waves become the most dominate brain state during Meditation, allowing for a deeper Meditative practice, accelerating & increasing the benefits of the Meditation. The increase  in Theta brain waves increase our sub-conscious learning ability, allowing us to bypass the conscious mind, the thinking mind, the ego mind that has the ability to 'talk us out' or overthink & distract us from deeper connection, deeper transformation.

Adding an 'Activation' to the Meditation - we jump start, kick start, bypass the thinking logical mind, and speak directly to the sub conscious mind, allowing body/ mind/ Spirit to absorb and re-wire a new, more beneficial, higher vibrating, healthier way of thinking, acting, bringing in new habits & patterns that align with what we desire.

Guided Activation Mediation for Spiritual Protection. Spiritual attacks manifest in many, many ways and are usually less about an actual 'attack' from a Spiritual entity and are usually more about picking up excess energy. All of this extra energy attached, swirling, in our personal space, creates alot of dis-harmony & is generally easy to remove & release with practice - allowing anxiety, stress, OCD & other cyclical patterns of thought or habits, addictive issues, & more - to simply melt away as easily as they were picked up. This is a Spiritual cleansing/ protection that builds & gets easier with practice.


  • 1 hour

    Spiritual Protection - Guided Activation Meditation

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