About Liz Woltz

My name is Liz Woltz, the new owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks! 


I am a Psychic Medium. I love to give readings- Medium readings can be absolutely transformational in allowing grief to process. We do not do death well in our Western world, yet it is every much a part of life as birth is. When we begin to look at death as a natural part of life and we understand we can interact with our loved ones who have passed on, it can transform grief. There is a reason death is compared to a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Chief Seattle said there is no death, only different worlds. A good medium reading will be able to show you how your loved ones are communicating with you whenever you need it. We just need to learn to listen. 

 A Psychic reading is very useful and can answer a lot of questions, you may sometimes already know the answer to. Love, career, messages from our Spirit Guides and Angels, health, family are all topics covered in a Psychic Reading- and anything else you would like answers to!

Code of Ethics- 


What comes up in a Reading is never repeated to anyone ever by me. This is a sacred gift and the highest professionalism is always shown. I would never want to know something someone doesn't want me to know. Readings are very private and personal. I am usually able to give messages about an issue I don't have the details to. Readings are always done with the highest and greatest good for all, especially the sitter.

Love and Light,


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