About Liz Woltz

Co owner of 3 Silver Broomsticks


 I am a Psychic Medium who originally got into this work as a quest for answers - like what happens to us when we die? Why are we here? Life has so many layers and it is easy to get lost in the surface layers of everyday life - chores, working. Sometimes, this can leave us feeling a little lost- and deeper feelings start surfacing. These can be a signal for a tune up - a reevaluation of self. Time to step it up and reach for next level. This can be a perfect time for a Psychic Reading. To tune in and re-align with our next step, with what life is teaching us for the deeper meaning, for the next step, for deepening our understanding and our connection with why we are here. Psychic Readings can be specific to subjects such as Health, Romance, Career, Family, Finances/ Money, with the same result - a deeper understanding & connection from a Higher perspective. This reading will open & cleanse Chakras, re-aligning vibrations with our Soul Plan - why we are here. It is not an overwhelming, bigger than life sensation, but a gentle lifting of vibration, allowing messages to re-align us with our Highest purpose, allowing new thoughts, perspectives, & patterns that align with our Highest purpose to gently and naturally fold into our Self, our core, our daily life. A Psychic reading brings forth a clarity, that yes, we had all along, but sometimes gets blurred or not fully realized. A Psychic reading will always leave you uplifted, energized, lighter, energetically cleansed & intuned with your Highest path. 

  Sometimes its more than a feelings bubbling up for a tune in. If there is deep grief or deep worry or deep trauma of any kind, a Psychic Medium reading can connect to some of the unknowns - such as connecting with a Loved One who has passed on, Soul check in (to make sure Loved One has crossed into the Light), Soul Retrieval (to help those cross into the Light if they have not), compassionate detachment (to cleanse & clear energy field & physical body of attachments), cord cutting, binding/ unbinding issues, exorcism (with a team of 2 others), past life issues, Angel Healings (a massive shift of energy from Higher Realms). Psychic Medium readings are helpful if there are deep issues whos time has come for movement. Psychic Medium readings can be transformative, much like the Goddess Durga - it's not pretty and it's war but transformation happens. A Medium reading can bring forth answers/ truths in a gentle way with a high ethical standard that allows transformation to happen. A Psychic Medium reading can offer transition/ transformation of deep scars & wounds. 

 Most readings I do are a combination of the two and most usually I can intuitively know how to structure the reading and what would best serve the sitter and what topics the sitter would like to know about. 

A little about my background-

 I have and continue to study, learn, grow, mentor under, and mentor others, my skills of both Psychic & Mediumship abilities. I been involved with both Windbridge Institute & Forever Family - both organizations with highly scientific standards that trained, monitored, & set standards for Mediums. I have led Workshops & continue to lead Spirit Circle & Workshops to develop, standardize & regulate, grow & expand - the Intuitive Arts- Psychic abilities & Mediumship abilities. I currently work with a cold cases group as well as giving personal readings. 

Code of Ethics- 


A Reading is always sacred to me. I only psychically read people if I have their permission and when the reading ends, so does the permission. Others' boundaries are always respected & I would never want to know something that someone would not want me to know. I am usualy able to deliver messages without knowing details. I never repeat or talk about readings with anyone ever. 



Love and Light,