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We are a Metaphysical Shop, a Community, a Magickal place! A neighborhood spot, where all are welcome & loved.


Our mission is to grow our Community, our Shop, our Services & Events. We get new inventory every week and if you let us know what you want, we will get it.  Informational posters & cards are posted throughout the Shop & Summer & Liz are always up for interesting conversations.3SB has long been known for the Tarot & Oracle Deck selection, from out of print to popular decks. Crystals, Sage (many varities), candles, Metaphysical books, supplies for Wicca, Santeria, Voo Doo & Hoo Doo, Meditation, Altar supplies.  


Aamos a nuestros clientes Latinos y estamos comprometidos a aumentar nuestros libros y otras cosas en Espanol

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Metaphysical Shop Seattle, WA

Looking for a unique Gift? Free Gift Box or Gift bag with any order & we ship anywhere in US. Liz & Summer are expert gifters and can create a unique themed gift set within buyer's budget 

Check out some of our inventory locally at our south Seattle store or in our online SHOP

Seattle metaphysical Services

Our curiosities include two mirrors: a haunted mirror - Evil Spirit - Do Not Touch, trapped by a local duo who then brought it in to 3SB in 2019. Pictures taken of mirror have been quite scarey! And an Enchanted Mirror - a spelled mirror, not haunted, enchanted to allow messages to be seen. We have spell candles with powerful spells already cast o'er. We have events monthly via ZOOM & we have private Reiki Healing, Sound Bath/ Healing, Psychic Medium and Tarot Reading sessions available. Please stop by and say Hi!