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Starlight East/West Astrology

Starlight Astrology East/West

Third Wednesday of each month 7 p.m.

All skill levels are welcome. Bring your smiles, laughter and focus; together we'll journey through the vibrant and enlightening astrological world! $5.00 per person.


Register in person or by phone at (206) 241-3902


Event Policy

Value Time: Be on time, start on time, end on time

Reach Out: introduce yourself

No pictures or recording devices during the event

Listen: keep an open mind and listen to viewpoints different than yours

Language: be mindful of language, no derogatory comments, cursing or shouting

Stay On Topic: each gathering has a specific topic. You are welcome to suggest topics for future meet ups.

Honor Your Host: contrary to popular belief, meetups are not free. We depend on your donations.

NO Self Promotion: keep this a safe and positive environment. Do not use this forum to sell or promote your own events. Violators will be asked to leave.

Please feel free to contact us with questions at (206) 241-3902 or email: