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Reiki Healing Classes - Thursday evenings 6:30 PM

Reiki classes are taught in 3 levels. Most Reiki teachers teach each level separately with one attunement ceremony for each level.  Level 1 is usually taught in one 8 hour course; Level 2 and Level 3 are taught in a 2 day workshop. Tradition calls for at least 21 day absorption period between each level. This is how I was taught and how those who taught me were taught. 

The attunement process is a solemn event and can be quite beautiful and powerful as your chakra are introduced to Reiki energy. What this method doesn't take into account is that the attunement process alters your energetic DNA. Over the years that I have been teaching, I have come to the conclusion that if each chakra is attuned separately, it minimized the detrimental effects of the attunement process.  It also allows the recipient time to process the changes to their energetic and physical body without the 21 day waiting period.

I have also broken down the class schedule to allow us to spend more time on the concepts and techniques. My courses are still structured in 3 levels but we move straight through the material without a break between levels. My students have told me that this more leisurely approach allows for more in-depth discussions and hands on practice. 

Level 1 is the beginning of an apprentice service.  During this 3 class series you will learn an overview of the history of Reiki, the self healing hand positions and the hand positions for healing others.  You will be required to perform a minimum of 10 hours of Reiki practice before moving on to Level 2.  We encourage you to attend Reiki Shares to help you practice.

Level 1 - Class 1 - Introduction to Reiki

Level 1 - Class 2 - Reiki for Self-Healing

Level 1 - Class 3 - Reiki for Healing Others

Level 2 provides a deeper understanding of the energy healing process. You will learn techniques that allow you to develop a deeper relationship with the Reiki Masters and enable you to reach higher for greater healing results.  Each student will be given the first 3 Reiki symbols and be attuned to Level 2 energy.  Please be prepared to also participate in at least 10 hours of Reiki practices through share circles or other sessions monitored by a certified Reiki Master.

Level 2 - Class 1 - Foundations of a Reiki Practice: Ethics

Level 2 - Class 2 - Reiki Symbols

Level 2 - Class 3 - Beginning Therapeutic Talk

Level 2 - Class 4 - Creating a Healing Space

Level 2 - Class 5 - Reiki and the Chakra System

Level 2 - Class 6 - Reiki for Pets

Level 3 is the last step on your journey toward becoming a Reiki Master. You will learn advanced techniques that enable you to reach deeper for greater healing results as well as ways to build a successful Reiki practice.  Each student will be attuned to Level 3 energy.  You will need to take all seven classes in the Level 3 series to receive Reiki Master Certification.  Please be prepared to participate in at least 10 hours of Reiki practices through share circles or other sessions monitored by a certified Reiki Master.

Level 3 - Class 1 - Advanced Ethics and Responsibilities

Level 3 - Class 2 - Building a Reiki Practice: Therapeutic Talk Healing Techniques

Level 3 - Class 3 - Advanced Reiki Symbols

Level 3 - Class 4 - Advanced Therapeutic Reiki Techniques

Level 3 - Class 5 - Building a Reiki Practice: Forms and Documentation

Level 3 - Class 6 - Reiki for Spirit and End of Life Transition

Level 3 - Class 7 - Advanced Healing Techniques

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