Beginning Psychic Development

Tap into an awareness beyond your physical senses.  Strengthen and enhance your power to connect to the universe in a amazing process of expansion.  Experience practical tips to discover your true psychic nature and open you up to you never knew you had. 

Each course in this system is designed to build on the previous  and should be taken in order to receive the full benefit. Those completing the full program will receive a certificate of completion.  Course classes are not taught separately.

Unlocking your Potential Course ($90.00) Beginning June 23, 2018

Class 1) Trusting the Intuitive Process -- Whether we call it “gut instinct” or intuition, learning to trust these non-analytical thought processes can be essential to strengthening your psychic ability.  This class will build on the “Listening to your Inner Voice” Class, which should be taken first. 

Class 2) Dreams & Visions -- Understanding how our minds dramatize important message is essential to knowing when a dream is just our mind entertaining itself, working through a problem or receiving psychic messages.  This class will help you understand the type of imagery your mind utilizes to create understandable message.

Class 3) Signs & Miracles -- Every day we each receive signs and miracles that help us move through our daily life and progress in our spiritual and psychic development.  This class will focus on ways to build up your confidence in seeing and understanding signs and miracles.  This class will build on the “Understanding the Observation Process” class, which should be taken first.

Unleashing your Power Course ($95.00)  Beginning August 4, 2018

Class 1) The Energy Body -- The world around us is comprised of frequencies of energy that work together to create our reality. It is increasingly important that we understand energy to be able to connect with energy in a deep meaningful way. This class will introduce ways to identify energy fields such as the aura.

Class 2) Physical Reactions to Energy -- Our physical and psychic bodies react to changes in universal energy each moment.  These changes are often interpreted through our senses and mind automatically.  This class will focus on ways to attune ourselves to those frequencies shifts in ways that help us feel breaks, blockages, attachments and cords. 

Class 3) Ley Lines & Dowsing -- The earth emits specific frequencies of energy from it’s core.  These frequencies can be felt in sacred places around the world as portals and vortexes, which are joined by ley lines.  This class will discuss these earth energy influences on the world and how to identify them using dowsing techniques.

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